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Testing a
Liquid Resistance Starter

Would you like to test the performance of your current LRS?

  • Are you experiencing any issues with your LRS?
  • Are you experiencing any breakages or failures in your drivetrain?
  • Are you experiencing high temperatures with your LRS system?
  • Is your Mill startup torque too high?
  • Does your mill trip on startup?
  • Are you experiencing any gearbox or motor related failures?
  • Is your LRS tuned and configured correctly?
LRS inside

Testing & Tuning of an LRS

Improve your LRS’ performance and save your motor/ gearbox! We provide testing of your Liquid Resistance Starter (LRS) and provide full breakdown of the testing process. Schedule a test on your LRS today!

Why do you need to test your LRS?

The only way to know if the LRS is performing as it should is to do a test where the rotor currents are recorded during start-up and torque traces are developed from it. Replacement of electrodes will be proposed when the Turn-Down Ratio is too low and/ or when the shorting spike is dangerously high.

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